Presentations To View a Presentation Select the Link. SCC VIRTUAL CHAPTER MEETING - July 14, 2021 - Noellie Astruc: “Navigating Buzzwords to Address Demand for Naturality” SCC VIRTUAL CHAPTER MEETING - May 27th, 2021 - Alison Griffin: “Decoding the Crystal Ball Color Trends” SCC Ontario Chapter Regulatory Meeting - March 10, 2021 o COVID-19 Response:Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) o FDA & FIFRA Overviewfor SCC Ontario Day - Sol Bobst, MBA PhD DABTPresident, ToxSci Advisors LLC o Hand Sanitizers, Hard Surface Sanitizers and related Health Canada Regulations o Society of Cosmetic Chemists - Regulatory Day - Update on Regulatory Initiatives SCC Ontario Chapter Meeting - Webinar - February 4, 2021 - “Biodesign Proteins for Personal Care - ”Beatriz Blanco and José Melo Barcelos SCC Ontario Chapter Regulatory Meeting - March 10, 2020 - Dave Saucier: Hemp and Cannabis in Topicals SCC Ontario Chapter - FEBRUARY 6, 2020 - Color Trends: Do You Want to be the Front-Runner or Follower ? - Amy Marshall SCC Ontario Chapter - FEBRUARY 7, 2019 - Rethinking Preservation: Novel Antimicrobial Peptides as Natural Alternatives for Upholding Product Integrity - Tia Alkazaz SCC Ontario Chapter Meeting: THURSDAY NOVEMBER 8th, 2018 - “Organic Cosmetics” - Shahin Kalantari SCC ONTARIO EDUCATION DAY TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 18th, 2018 “Lipid Academy” - Benjamin Schwartz o 1. Introduction to Lipid Chemistry o 2. Processing and Raw Materials for Botanically Derived Emollients o 3. Formulating for Stability and Long Shelf-Life o 4. The Function of Emollients in Skincare o 5. Crystallization Basics Mintel - 2018 Global Beauty & Personal Care Trends - Lauren Goodsitt - May 31, 2018 Teena Warrin - PSRA Manager, Croda Canada Ltd. - SCC Spring Regulatory Update - March 22, 2018 Gayle Fortin - Sales & Business Development Manager, StarChem Canada - Proposition 65 - March 22, 2018 Dave Saucier, Eastern Regional Director - - RDC/DRC - Global Cosmetics Regulations - March 22, 2018 Perry Romanowski: On Becoming a Cosmetic Chemist - How to Survive and Thrive in your career - February 08, 2018 Preservatives: David C. Steinberg, FRAPS - Steinberg & Associates, Inc. - September 19, 2017 Planning for REACH 2018 as a Non-EU Company: Presentation - Tues.July.11th, 2017 - Posted July 18, 2017 o Joyce Borkhoff - Vice President, Chemicals Group Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy SCC Ontario Chapter Meeting: Vito Cataldo Presentation - November 10, 2016 Presentations at Ontario SCC Ontario Regulatory Update Meeting : Wed.Apr. 6th, 2016 o Cosmetic Testing, Safety and Efficacy: Craig R. Weiss o European Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009: Michela Pollastri o Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs Manager: Teena Warrin o Society of Cosmetic Chemists: Robert Ross-Fichtner Putting Anti-Aging Products to Test: Birnur K. Aral, PhD and Mary E. Clarke - Good Housekeeping Institute - Nov.6, 2014 Post-marketing surveillance of cosmetic products across the globe. SCC Ont. Chapter Meeting, May 22nd, 2014 - Christelle Guyomard ECO-Mundo: Reach, SDS and CLP - EU Regulations on Chemicals, “Everything You Need to Know” March 25, 2014 ECO-Mundo: The New EU Regulation 1223/2009 on Cosmetic Products, “Everything You Need to Know” March 25, 2014 Current Preservative Issues: David C. Steinberg - Steinberg & Associates, Inc. : Posted Mar.21/2012 The EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 - Lucille Van Baaren : Posted Mar.21/2012 SCC Spring Regulatory Update - Teena Warrin: Posted Mar.21/2012 The Global Regulatory Update - David C. Steinberg - Steinberg & Associates, Inc. : Posted Mar.21/2012 “Aging Skin”- Current and Future Therapeutic - Strategies for: ‘Ageless Beauty’by Linda D. Rhein, Ph.D.:  Posted Oct.1/2011 Genomics, Epigenetics and Their Application to Elucidate the Mechanism of Efficacious Actives for Personal Care:  Posted Oct.1/2011 Solutions for Acne Prone Skin: Dr. Sam Shefer: Posted Oct.1/2011 SCC Ontario May 26 Chapter Meeting Presentation:  Posted June.16/2011 Sulfate Free Personal Cleansing Products Chemistry & Formulation Science: June.13/2011 Herbs for Beauty Inside and Out Presentation: November 4, 2010 Health Canada Regulatory Presentation: March 23, 2010 Green-Polymers for Natural-Spa Formulations: Anju Bansal - Education Day Sept.24/09 Aveda Testing of Natural-Spa Products: Sarah Gilpin - Education Day Sept.24/09 Development of Natural Actives for Spa and Cosmetic Products: Chia Wen Chen - Education Day Sept.24/09 Salons & Spas: Men, Women, & Kids Services and Sales: Joseph A. Dallal - Education Day Sept.24/09 Moving on to GREEN-er Pastures? Presentations by Steve Herman. o Toronto Core o Natural o Green Chemistry o Fragrance Part 1 o Fragrance Part 2 Market Forces & Natural Personal Care: Terri Germain - Education Day Sept.18/08 Formulation Challenges of Natural & Organic Products: Susan Daly - Education Day Sept.18/08 A Natural Way to Rheology Alternative Preservatives Non-Conventional Preservation
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