Dr. Giuseppe Calloni
Ea est ullam co in m. 2021 SCC Ontario Board Elections   It is time for the election of the 2021 SCC Ontario Chapter Board Members.  We have two positions open for election this year:   Chair-Elect and Treasurer.

The North American edition of the Sustainable

Cosmetics Summit will be hosted on an online

platform. Topics on the summit agenda include

green chemicals, clean beauty, sustainable

packaging, COVID-19 impacts, sustainability

metrics, skin biomes, zero waste, responsible

consumption, upcycling ingredients, closing

packaging loops, etc.

ON-LINE SCC CHAPTER MEETING “A Retrospective and Update on the Emergence and Evolution of Hyaluronic Acid in Skin Care” THURSDAY MAY 28TH, 2020
Ontario Chapter Society of Cosmetic Chemists Dedicated to the Advancement of Cosmetic Science