The SCC is delighted to officially announce the 29th Congress of the IFSCC to be held in October 2016 in Orlando. This event promises to be a wonderful experience for all attendees. The scientific program will provide the latest breakthroughs in Cosmetic Science as we go “Beyond Dreams into New Frontiers”. We hope to “Innovate” new ideas that will “Inspire” you to “Imagine” all the opportunities available to us.Please mark your calendar for this important event. In this announcement, you will be introduced to some of the important details of the Congress including the tentative program, social events, and important dates to note on your calendars. You will also learn about our exciting location, Orlando, Florida.  
SCC Ontario Chapter
______________________________ Ontario Chapter Officers Chair Shahin Kalantari d'Avicenna Inc 80 Cornerbrook drive, Toronto, ON. M3A 1H7 Ph: (416) 567-6572 Chair Elect Saina Taidi Apollo Health and Beauty Care 1 Apollo Place Toronto, ON  M3J 0H2 Ph: (416) 758-3700 Secretary Andrea Boylan Andicor Specialty Chemicals Corp. 590 Abilene Drive Mississauga, ON  L5T 2T4 Ph: (905) 795-0911 Fax: (905) 795-0912 Treasurer Robert Castillo Univar Canada Ph: (416) 740-5300 Fax: (416) 740-2227 Directors Area II Bart Maxon Ph: 989-496-3035 Fax: 989-496-5508 Christopher Heisig, Ph.D. STERIS Corporation Ph: (314) 290-4747 Past Chair Dorothy Maraprossians Unipex Solutions Canada Inc 235 Advance Blvd Brampton, ON L6T 4J2 Ph: (905) 453-7131 Fax: (905) 453-0199
New SCC Ontario Survey The SCC Ontario board is happy to announce the launch of our new survey! As a member of the SCC Ontario chapter or someone who is interested in our chapter and attends the occasional meeting and/or function we are looking for your feedback.   Please take a moment to complete our brief survey and let us know what you like, and don't like as well as how we may improve on what we are doing.    Our objective as a society is the advancement of cosmetic science, which of course we all have a vested interest in! So why not do it in a way that educates as well as entertains!  Click Here to participate in the survey !
Feb. 4th, 2016 SCC Ontario Chapter Meeting Aki Immonen “Development Benefits of Small Scale In-House Testing” Mr. Immonen’s role at Delfin Technologies, is to develop and execute business strategies meeting the needs of customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical and personal care industries as well as in academic skin research. Mr. Immonen’s marketing career spans over two decades with international management positions in companies including Xerox Corporation and Sonera. He holds diplomas in Marketing Management and Sales Management and emphasizes on approaches that are based on realistic market needs and execution through active involvement. Abstract: Different kinds of measurement instruments can be used to gain objective, scientific data on product efficacy and safety. Detailed measurement results are the basis for presenting professional and assuring product claims for both regulatory and marketing purposes. The use of scientifically validated instrumentation is of great importance. Instruments used in studies should be sensitive and accurate, reliable in terms of repeatability, and practical and easy to use. The talk will include examples of how some physical skin parameters, such as Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL), an indicator of skin barrier integrity, and the measurement of tissue water changes in the deeper layers of the skin can be utilized in safety and/or irritation studies relating to the personal care industry. In addition, skin imaging with Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) will be discussed as well as study design. More Information Here ! Register For the Meeting Online Here
Patent Pick: Mascara Reaching New Limits      Abstract Patent Picks are chosen by the editors from publicly available sources. Today's highlight relates to a mascara and device that reportedly provide previously unmatched effects for eyelash and eyebrow volume and length.  Read More Here.
Northern Highlights: January 2016 Edition
MEMBERSHIP For those who would like to become members, yearly fees are $140 US. Applications are available from your Executive Committee or on-line at  Please return the completed form at your convenience and reap the benefits of the SCC.  For renewal memberships, please send payments directly to the SCC National Office.  For your convenience, National will accept payment by VISA, Mastercard or AMEX.  Please contact National for details.
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Presenters Welcome ! The SCC Ontario Chapter Board is currently accepting submissions for presentations !  Interested parties can submit a presentation abstract and a biography.  Your talk may be accepted for either a Chapter Meeting or Education Day.  Please send all enquiries to Andy Halasz (speaker coordinator).  Email Here !
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Seneca College  is developing a full time, one year, day time post graduate certificate in Cosmetic Science.  We are currently seeking industry experts in the areas of raw materials, formulation and cosmetic regulations to develop curriculum and/or provide instruction.  Ideal candidates will have excellent English skills and current expertise in the cosmetic industry.  If you are interested, please forward your resume and contact information here :
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Scholarship Candidate Poster Presentation For our upcoming SCC meeting on February 4th we are pleased to welcome scholarship candidate Katerina Juskey who will be available to answer questions on her poster. “An Analysis of Consumer Behaviour Towards Lip Product Claims” Read More Here !
Masters In Chemistry The global market for skincare and color cosmetics exceeded 53 billion dollars in 2002. The number of new products brought to market continues to expand exponentially. Cosmetic chemists are always looking for interesting and exotic ingredients that improve skin's appearance and health. A vast array of compounds is required to supply these products. The latest edition of the Cosmetics Toiletries and Fragrance Association (CTFA) Dictionary lists more than 10,000 raw materials. Every year hundreds of new ingredients are added to the list of those that have been used for centuries. Some materials used today can be traced to 11,000  B.C.E.  in the animal drawings from the caves of Altimira. Read More Here
A Farewell Message from the Chair…. My term as the Chair of Ontario Chapter for 2015 has come to an end.  It feels like a cliché that I am saying this again, but the year has gone by so quickly.  With everything that has happened both in this chapter and in the industry it is hard to believe it has only been a year since I took this position. Read the Full Message Here !  
Rules for Color Selection in Cosmetic and Personal Care Products by KELLY DOBOS The incorporation of color in cosmetic and personal care products is part art and part science. What seems like a simple and fun exercise in pigment blending is reliant on a complex set of decisions. The regulatory environment, cost, stability, physical and chemical properties all play a role in determining success. Here are a few rules to help guide the choice of colorants used in formulation.   Read More …..  
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