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Seneca College has developed a full                        ATTENTION
time, one year, day time post graduate                       MEMBERS
certificate in Cosmetic Science. We are
currently seeking industry experts in the                    Unemployed and
areas of raw materials, formulation and                 Emeritus members may
cosmetic regulations to develop curriculum and/or
provide instruction. Ideal candidates will have             continue to attend
excellent English skills and current expertise in the              monthly
cosmetic industry. If you are interested, please
forward your resume and contact information to;        meetings free of charge.
                                                            Please contact the
                                                        registration booth upon

                                                         membership is free of
                                                       charge by submitting the

                                                            renewal form with
                                                        unemployment details.

        Perry Romanowski Presents at Seneca College Campus

The SCC Ontario Chapter was happy to welcome Perry Romanowski as our guest speaker for the February 8th
chapter meeting. The event was held at Seneca York Campus in association with post graduate Cosmetic Science
program. Many students as well as SCC Ontario members were treated to an educational and entertaining talk in
addition to a buffet dinner at “The Hive” pub located on campus.

                                 Perry’s presentation entitled “On becoming a Cosmetic Chemist -How to Survive and Thrive
                                 in Your Career” was well received by the many budding research scientists in attendance.
                                 The talk underscored the multifaceted elements that are involved in the field of chemistry
                                 and how, in particular, the cosmetic field offers an excellent opportunity to apply the knowl-
                                 edge learned to the development of products that are sold in the marketplace. Perry’s pres-
                                 entation was an excellent introduction to scientists of the cosmetic industry and the
                                 perceptions that the general public has about it. In addition the talk covered the types of
                                 jobs scientists do and included some advice about surviving and thriving in a career in

                                 Perry has spent the past 25 years researching
                                 and developing products to solve consumer
                                 problems in the personal care and cosmetic
                                 industry. His primary focus has been on hair and
hair-related products. He is currently Vice President of Brains Publishing,
which specializes in science education . In 2014, Romanowski founded
the Practical Cosmetic Formulating online training program to provide
cosmetic chemists continuing education across a broad range of formula
categories. Previously, Romanowski worked for Alberto Culver serving as
a senior project leader for hair care innovation. He is currently the Vice
President for the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (SCC). Additionally, he
has made appearances on popular TV shows including Dr. Oz and the
Rachel Ray show.

Perry has written and edited numerous articles and books, taught the SCC’s Beginning Cosmetic Chemistry continu-
ing education class, and developed various websites. In addition, he provides consulting services for cosmetic
formulating, testing and Internet solutions; he can be reached through his website,

Download Perry’s presentation here

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