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A welcome note from the Chair……..

It is an honour to be your 2018 chapter Chair for the Ontario
Society of Cosmetic Chemists!

Having been a member of the SCC for the past 10 years has been a great experi-
ence; I have learned a great deal and met some of the most interesting people in my
life. The societies dedication to education encourages individuals to excel and
develop their knowledge within Cosmetic industry.

Being part of such a dynamic organization has provided me with valuable tools and
opportunities to advance in my career and has given me the knowledge to under-
stand the complexity of our industry and appreciate the truth and science behind the
products I use every day. The SCC is a great networking outlet for growth and learn-
ing and I encourage everyone to attend all of our 2018 SCC events as you will al-
ways learn something – and something learned is always something gained!

For me personally, I know being the Chair of this notable North American organiza-
tion in the Personal Care Industry will be a great learning experience and I am look-
ing forward to contributing any way I can. Working closely with chapter members
allows for constructive collaboration as well as the sharing of ideas with
other SCC chapters, and I see this as always a worthwhile experience.

In short, as a member for so many years, the SCC has enriched my life in so many
ways, keeping me informed of the changes, challenges and innovations within our
industry and I am looking forward to serving as your chapter chair.

I am committed to doing whatever I can to make this a successful, fun year! Please
feel free to forward any of your ideas and suggestions to continually improve the
Ontario SCC Chapter.

Thank you for your support and remember to always follow your dreams and be
passionate about what you do!

Elizabeth Peitis

Chair, Ontario Chapter

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