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Organic Cosmetics
What are certified organic cosmetics? How can we upgrade our knowledge to develop
organically regulated cosmetic and toiletry products.
Consumer concerns about “chemicals” in cosmetics & toiletries in recent years has led the
industry to develop organic and natural certified organic products. Different regulations have
been adopted in North America, Europe and worldwide to fit this purpose. Formulation of
these products and supply of organic ingredients, along with processing challenges are of
concern for the whole industry. Due to this demand, organic farming is growing every year,
which will supply the food and organically processed ingredients for Cosmetic industry. The
“Organic market” has been developing since around 2000, and is still growing day to day.
As this important market further develops , it is more important than ever that the Cosmetic
formulators upgrade their knowledge in this area in order to work more effectively in this
Shahin Kalantari is devoting his chemical expertise in the Cosmetic Industry to develop
Natural and Organic personal care products. In 2007, he has introduced one of the first
certified organic product line, in North America.
Shahin has hands on developing products/ brands of Natural and Organic Skincare, Personal
Care, Sun Care, Cosmetic Products, Medicinal (NPN) and Household Products; following r
egulations such as USDA, or Ecocert/Cosmo, and conventional products. Meanwhile, he
develops QC processes in manufacturing plants to meet the product requirement.
Shahin is a board member of The Society of Cosmetic Chemists and previous chair of SCC
Ontario Chapter. He is a professor at Seneca College who teaches formulation labs in the
cosmetic chemistry program.

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